Night Sky Gourmet Halal Poon Choi Dinner @ The Haven Ipoh.

-14 Jan 2016

This time the set is for Chinese New Year. It’s called ‘Night Sky Gourmet Poon Choi‘. Instead of enjoying it at Cuisines, guests will enjoy their dinner….

The Haven’s Night Sky Gourmet Poon Choi Dinner

-5 Jan 2016

To usher in the New Year, what better way is there than to dine on the rooftop of the clubhouse of a five-star resort, amidst a natural prehistoric setting, feasting on a time-honoured communal dish, Poon Choi (in Cantonese), that is fit for an emperor?

Penginapan The Haven Ipoh Berlatar-belakangkan Bukit Kapur

-1 Jan 2016

Apabila KP menerima panggilan untuk bercuti di The Haven Ipoh di mana tempat penginapan yang bakal KP menginap berlatar-belangkan bukit kapur. Terus KP google….

Haven On Earth

-31 Dec 2015

With a name like the haven, this luxurious resort condotel in tambun near ipoh, which combines serviced residences with a family-friendly resort that’s operated by best western international under its premier or five-star range…

Menikmati Sarapan Pagi Di The Haven Ipoh

-30 Dec 2015

Jika semalam KP menikmati makan malam Mediterannean, kali ini KP mencuba sarapan pagi pula. Katanya nasi lemak The Haven Ipoh antara yang menjadi perhatian dan tumpuan…

Mediterranean Delights Di Cuisines | The Haven Luxury Resort, Ipoh

-29 Dec 2015

Cuisines ni merupakan pool bar dan restoran di The Haven dan terletak betul-betul di sebelah pool mereka. Awesome. Sambil makan sambil menikmati memandangan. Cewah. Lagipun Ayue memang tak sabar nak cuba menu baru mereka, Mediterranean Delights…

Immerse yourself in Haven-ly luxury amidst prehistoric settings…

-7 Sept 2015

What did you do for your weekend? Weekends are great times for relaxation, spending time with family or catching up with good friends, and it is sometime the time you can chill out, unwind and relax…. Relaxing in the city can be a little bit difficult and usually we either stay home or hit the malls…

Jacuzzi atau Swimming, Pilih Yang Mana Satu – The Haven Ipoh

-29 Dec 2015

Jacuzzi atau swimming ? Jika di beri pilihan yang mana satu pilihan anda. Bagi KP semestinya jacuzzi kot bukan selalu dapat ber – jacuzzi bersama anak-anak pada masa yang sama….

Mediterranean Food Untuk Makan Malam di The Haven Ipoh

-28 Dec 2015

Tertanya-tanya juga apakah hidangan yang di sajikan? Makanan dari Mediterranean bakal di sajikan untuk kami sekeluarga untuk malam ini. Teruja kerana inilah kali pertama….

“Morning Walk” di Sekitar The Haven Ipoh

-27 Dec 2015

Masih lagi di The Haven Ipoh, banyak pula yang ingin di kongsikan terutama sekali morning walk sekitar The Haven Ipoh. Di The Haven Ipoh ada satu kawasan di mana….

Christmas Buffet Food Tasting @ Cuisines, The Haven Ipoh

-16 Dec 2015

The Haven Ipoh is such an amazingly beautiful, serene and tranquil place. With the decoration, lake, green surrounding…

Christmas Buffet Dinner at Cuisines, The Haven

-9 Dec 2015

The newly-certified five-star resort, The Haven, has unveiled a scrumptious buffet dinner for this Christmas season….

Best Western The Haven, Ipoh

-24 Nov 2015

The Haven is a fairly new hotel on the outskirts of the city of Ipoh, close to the stunning limestone cliffs that Ipoh is so well known for….

The Haven Lakeside Resort Residences – Ipoh Perak

-1 Oct 2015

Satu sudut yang jauh dari pembangunan pesat di sesebuah bandar.. Sebuah tempat yang masih mengekalkan kehijauan dari tumbuhan alam sekitar.. Keindahan dan kedamaian yang menjernihkan fikiran minda….

Living With The Nature At The Haven Lakeside Residences, Ipoh

-18 Sept 2015

The dawn ~ Menjelang Subuh di The Haven. We woke up early to see the Sunrise. Unfortunately matahari tak keluar *Frust* But we enjoyed the fresh air and the morning mist….

The Haven Lakeside Residences, Ipoh

-16 Sept 2015

The Haven  ~ An affordable 5 star lifestyle. The Haven Lakeside Residence in Ipoh, Malaysia is one of the finest eco-resorts ~ The Star. Excited !!

The Haven Ipoh ; Your Secret Ipoh Retreat

-10 Sept 2015

If we’re connected on social media, you will definitely know that i had a secret get away to Ipoh last weekend. And since i havent exactly seen Ipoh before, might as well experience it first hand and share about my trip….

The HAVEN Luxury Hotel Suites In Ipoh, Malaysia

-9 Sept 2015

I feels that The Haven is like a sanctuary of heaven on earth, enclaves within the clean, green and serene greenery forest+limestone that’s soothing and calming my overall senses to perfection….